Venice is the place I love most in the world. I have photographed Venice on many occasions, but never really felt I had captured the essence of La Serenissima as I experienced her.

To me, Venice is a city that is fully alive, she is never still, the water always moves. There is also the movement of the tides and wind, the movement of unseen spirits, the movement between the past and the present, the movement between life and death, the movement of the Gondolier, the Gondola and his spirit.

But how to capture that? The movement, the spirits...These images were all created in-camera. I held the camera close, opened the shutter and breathed, letting the camera move with me. Sometimes I was on the vaporetto, Venice's giant water bus. There, my movement and that of the boat and the water created the image.

The resulting work is impressisonistic and painterly, the images resemble watercolors. This is as I had hoped. Venice could only be painted with watercolors. I have used my camera as a paintbrush, paying homage to the artists who have so deftly revealed the mystery and beauty of Venice in their work - Turner, Monet, Sargent, Ruskin.

This body of work was created at a time when themes of passion, creativity, life, surviving storms and moving forwards were on my mind. It is about using my artistic tool, the camera, in a new way. It is my intimate and emotional view of Venice, because she is a resilient beauty who simply will not give up and succumb to the perils that assault her.

This work is about how the water and the spirits moved me. I breathed in La Serenissima's spirit, and my soul and hers moved together to create these portraits.
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