I am entranced by street art. No, not tagging or gang-related graffiti, but beautifully conceptualized and executed pieces of art that just happen to be found outside, in the urban gallery.

Why do I photograph street art? After all, I was not the original creator of it. First, I photograph it because I love it. I love going to a new city, searching and then finding the artists' lovely surprise.

Second, street art is transient. Like all of us, it is born, it becomes changed over time, marked and affected by the actions of others or weathered by the elements, and eventually its life ends. Sometimes this ending is natural - colors face, paper wears away. Sometimes the ending is in the hands of others, and a piece is painted or papered over.

Ultimately, I photograph street art because I want provide visual immortality to these images that have touched me deeply, and given me such pleasure in the hunt for them. Many of the pieces I have photographed over the years do not exist any more.

Note: When I know the artist who created a piece I will acknowledge it. If you have any more information, please email me.
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