As we make our way in the world, we are surrounded by stories. There are the unspoken stories that we see in the eyes of those who surround us in the current temporal world. But there are other stories that surround us, as well: These are the stories of the faces and figures that have been created by others in times past and left for us to get to know, perhaps years, perhaps decades, perhaps centuries later. There are stories in the portraits remaining in crumbling frescoes, in stained glass windows, in statues, in sculptures, in memorials. The artist has put some of him or herself in each piece, I am sure of it. As each creation carries some of the artist's spirit, it tries to reach out, through time, to communicate with us.

These characters have reached out to me in my travels. In each one there has been something emotional that has attracted me, transcending the boundaries of time, location and space. All these characters live in the noisy, contemporary world but most were not created recently; many are beautifully worn and aged. I have photographed them and so they have come home with me in my camera, and we meet again in my studio, as they emerge on the computer screen. As I look into their faces, I think about where we met, and I think about their stories. And though it may sound strange, in the studio together we begin what feels like a joint artistic journey to reveal their spirits in a new way. Because, as you can see, the images we create don't look like photographs any more.

This is a body of work I have called, "Contemporary Vintage Photography." My goal is to remove each image, each soul, from the visual noise of contemporary time and space, while also honoring its history. Freed from external distractions, I hope the viewer can really focus on the faces, the history, the character of each piece, and perhaps the spirit of the artist who originally gave it life.
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